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Dispatch and Inventory Management Service at Xpdel

  At Xpdel we offer end-to-end fulfillment operations powered with advanced technology and art tools. We have fulfillment centers in Los Angeles and across the nation that provide assistance in carrying out the fulfillment, logistic operations and ensure speedy delivery at a reduced cost. We provide tracking and live visibility into the operations using our modern eCommerce tools. Our fulfillment centers have the facility of food grade storage and one day delivery in most of the markets. We handle all the aspects of fulfillment and technology and help our clients to grow and excel in the field of business.   To manage our inventories and fulfillment centers we use the Fulfilment Execution Platform (FEP) instead of the traditional WMS software . We provide automated SOP as per the business standard, full visibility into orders and inventories in real-time, advanced serial and stock tracking capability, accurate, quick pick up, and delivery facilities. We have nationwide reach i.e w

Tech-based fulfillment centers of Xpdel

  Xpdel is one of the renowned fulfillment centers and logistic consultants in the nation. With numerous warehouse and fulfillment centers in 11 markets, Xpdel offers the best technology-based solutions and services. We own warehouses in Los Angeles and other parts of the nation too. The multiple fulfillment centers help to reduce the transit by one to three days and hence ensures the fastest delivery at a reduced cost. We also provide same-day delivery of products in almost every major market. We at Xpdel provide food grain storage facilities at our fulfillment centers. We ensure that our clients receive the best logistic and warehouse service at a simplified price.   We utilize advanced technology systems such as fulfillment execution platforms (FEP) and logistic execution platforms (LPE) instead of the traditional warehouse management system . These technologies make use of artificial intelligence to provide real-time visibility into the processes. With live dashboards, customi

Fulfillment centers and technology services of Xpdel

  Xpdel is one of the leading fulfillment management and logistics companies in the nation. We own a number of warehouse and Fulfillment centers in Dallas and other parts of the nation. At Xpdel, we take care of the entire fulfillment process including accurate, speed pickup, and delivery. With multiples fulfillment centers across the nation and in 11 markets, we reduce the transit by 1 to 3 days. We utilize advanced technology to provide stock and serial tracking capability, full visibility of orders and inventory in real-time, automated SOP as per the client’s business standards.   All our warehouses including the Warehouse in Chicago are technologically advanced with artificial intelligence systems. We ensure that the customers receive real-time notification about the shipment of their products. Our order management system helps in aligning the orders and inventories across multiple channels. This allows the clients to easily find the order and ship the right product in one pl

The fulfillment and warehouse technologies at Xpdel

  Xpdel provides fulfillment services and technology solutions for companies to carry out their business operations in an effective manner. We have multiple warehouses and fulfillment centers across the nation including Fulfilment centers in New York . We take care of the entire fulfillment process from providing fulfillment centers for products and food grains to delivering the products to the end customers. The fulfillment centers are managed by our expert teams. We ensure that the orders of the companies are fulfilled quickly and efficiently at a reduced cost. With our shipping partners across the globe, we also provide one-day delivery services in most local markets.   Our warehouses and fulfillment centers are equipped with modern advanced technologies to enhance the customer experience, manage the inventory levels, provide visibility, and accurate analytic data. The warehouse software is replaced with a fulfillment execution platform (FEP) to manage end to end inventory ope

Technology-based warehouse and fulfillment management at Xpdel

  Xpdel is one of the leading delivery and fulfillment companies of the nation. With a number of warehouses and fulfillment centers in more than 10 markets, we offer the best technological solutions to all your warehouse and fulfillment requirements. We prefer a fulfillment execution platform instead of a warehouse management system to provide live visibility into the processes and order status. We believe continuous process improvement and live visibility will add value to every step of the process. We make a significant investment on real-time technologies to implement advanced methods of fulfillment and warehouse automation.   Our analytics team provides business insights and helps the companies to design and implement new methodologies as per the requirements and market trends. For all our warehouses, including the warehouse in Chicago , we use technologies like an order management system (OMS), Logistics execution platform (LEP), and Fulfillment Execution Platform (FEP). Thes

Warehouses and Fulfillment center services of Xpdel

  We at Xpdel, offer advanced technological solutions, fulfillment, and warehouse facilities to help the companies achieve their business goals. Our teams work by the side of the companies in identifying the operational issues, finding solutions, and implementing new designs to fulfill the requirements smoothly. We have a number of fulfillment centers in New York and other parts of the nation.   Unlike the typical 3PL, Xpdel offers advanced real-time technologies that can transform any eCommerce business into a leading business. With customized technological solutions, the team helps the companies to get real-time visibility into the process so that every step from getting the products to delivering it to the end customers is transparent. We do not use a typical warehouse management system, instead, we utilize the technology-driven fulfillment execution platform   (FEP) and logistics execution platform (LEP) to carry out the operations. This warehouse software indicates storage,

Technology-driven fulfillment centers and delivery solutions of Xpdel

  We at Xpdel offer the most advanced fulfillment and delivery solutions in the state. With the help of the latest, real-time technologies we provide modern solutions through our unique methodologies, actionable metrics, customized technology, and lean process. To help eCommerce businesses in fulfilling business to business and business to customer needs, we provide Fulfillment centers in Los Angeles and in other parts of the nation. Currently, we own fulfillment centers in 10 markets and are on the verge of scaling up to 20 by the end of this year. All of these fulfillment centers are integrated with delivery platforms, real-time integrations, inventory analytics to provide streamline processes and effective solutions.   With platforms for the fulfillment, inventory management, logistics, and training, we aim at improvising the operations of our client and provide them clear and live visibility into the processes. We utilize advanced technology to enhance the steps involved Right