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XPDEL: Solutions That Matter

  Xpdel warehouse management systems are here to make sure that you never have to worry about your supply cha in systems again. From the start to the end, everything is simplified most efficiently to make sure that you can focus on the larger picture.   Having made a name in this service sector, We are now an industry leader for the fulfillment and delivery of the products. Promising a 2-Day nationwide coverage for your products, it has been majorly successful in completing on time to the desired customer. Timely delivery was only possible since all the facilities are owned and managed by the Xpdel team. From having a large warehouse in New York to growing and having these centers in 10 other major metro cities, the growth has just begun. With a prediction of 20 centers by the end of 2020, Xpdel is working towards fast and reliable order picking and fulfilling rates so that everyone can grow using their high-end and latest technology which is built especially for the modern eComm

How to Ace Dispatch Management System?

E-Commerce and other businesses have to largely depend on warehouses, transportation, and dispatch systems to ensure that the goods sold by them are dispatched and reaches end customers on time. The best way to ensure the same is investing in a high-end dispatch management system . These systems are designed to help in scheduling and routing processes. It ensures that deliveries are done efficiently, and routes are well-coordinated. Manual handling of this task is very time intensive and can also result in errors. Thus, it is important to look for a suitable dispatch management system that offers the following benefits. Seamless Management of Transportation The system you are planning to invest in must ensure seamless management of transportation and dispatches. The system must give you a complete control over this process. It must be easy to track status and locations using GPS. The interactive maps must be able to help managers to know where to dispatch their drivers. This will r

Features to Look for in a Warehouse Software

  Every business has to invest in a warehouse and keep a tab on the transportation of good from the services. It is for this reason businesses need the support of a high-end warehouse software that not only helps in improving order deliveries, making it as perfect as 100 percent, it also reduces warehouse labor costs. This increase and improves the bottom line and customer satisfaction. When looking for a suitable warehouse software, here are the features that we need to check out. Go Paperless Check out a warehouse software that helps you to practice paperless practice. Currently, executives check a purchase order manually and confirm if the goods have been received. Later, he manually adds the inputs confirming goods receipt in the system. Following a paperless system ensures entry of all data electronically captured as soon as the goods are received. The same information is then automatically relayed to the ERP system. It saves time and effort and reduces margin of error. Many

Tips to Increase The Efficiency of your Warehouse in New York

Running a warehouse is nothing short of challenging. With a lot of things coming and moving out, it creates a major logistical task. To ensure efficient working of your warehouse in New York , here are a few tips that should be followed. Summon your planning skills, skill managing abilities, and foresight to ensure that the warehouse runs efficiently. These tips will surely help in this regard. Schedule Regular Counts and Upkeep Although you must already be focusing on scheduling regular counts and upkeep, it is important to keep an eye on any damage or discrepancies in counting. Cycle counting is one of the partial count techniques that makes it easier and accurate when keeping a count of inventories. It is also important to keep a tab on high-risk and high-value stock. Layout Optimization With a mushroom growth of fulfillment centers in New York , it is increasingly becoming important to pay attention to the optimization of layout. Make the best use of every square footage in

Fulfillment Services at Xpdel

Xpdel is one of the leading Fulfillment and delivery service providers of the nation. With more than 1 fulfillment centers nationwide, including Fulfillment centers in Los Angeles , Xpdel aims at providing the best service at the right prices. We take care of the end to end operations involved in the fulfillment and delivery process. We provide live visibility into the inventories managed in multiple fulfillment centers, real-time tracking of every order in the fulfillment process, technology-powered solutions, and an on-time 2-day delivery facility.   In most of the major markets, we also offer a same-day delivery service. All the fulfillment centers are powered with advanced systems and tools like the order management system, fulfillment execution platform, and logistics execution platform.   Our   Warehouse in Los Angeles , and other parts of the nation, use our technologically advanced systems to offer fast and reliable order picking and packing, improved fill rates, advance stoc


  Xpdel is your answer to move towards a technological future and adapt yourself to the changing trends. Combining logistic solutions with automation, the fleet tracking feature is one of the most specialized software that is being offered by Xpdel. It is a GPS vehicle tracking component, put in individual vehicles that lets you track where your vehicles are present at all times. It avoids a lack of communication and makes sure there is a smooth flow in the delivery of the goods. Vehicle information can then be viewed too on the electronic map via our internal software, such as fuel management, vehicle telematics, safety management, and much more.   Xpdel can also solve your inventory problems from any of the strategically located 11 fulfillment centers in the US, including our warehouse in Dallas . All of these facilities are managed and owned by Xpdel. Establishing a far reach, we promise nationwide coverage for 2-day delivery. This is doable because of our integration with the l

Advanced Fulfillment and Delivery Services at Xpdel

  As a leading provider of technology-based fulfillment and delivery services in the nation, Xpdel offers great service at the right price. With Fulfillment centers in Los Angeles and other parts of the nation, we offer fast and reliable pick up and delivery, real-time tracking capability, and live visibility into the operations. The fulfillment centers are maintained by our team of experts, in order to increase the fill rates and provide the best customer experience to the customers. We manage the end-to-end fulfillment operations so that the clients can only focus on their growth and excellence. With more than 11 Fulfillment centers spread across the nation, we offer 2-day delivery services and in most major markets we also offer same-day delivery services.   Our Warehouse in Los Angeles , and in other parts of the nation, are all powered with advanced technological tools and systems such as the fulfillment execution platform, order management system, and logistics execution syste


  Xpdel is your perfect solution for a trusted fulfillment and dispatch management system . Short for Expedited, these delivery solutions are your answers for inventory and delivery systems. For small and medium enterprises, this not only means an opportunity for growth but also enables the capacity for growth too. By maintaining the inventory, you can add more to your bottom line and focus on other aspects of the business that need attention. Transparency is an outlook that is not overlooked in the growing economy . At Xpdel, we offer more technology-powered transparent solutions and services that allow live visibility of your inventory which otherwise would not have been possible.   Being an industry leader, they have fulfillment centers in Chicago and all around the US with a nationwide reach and promise for 2-day delivery. They are strategically owned and located in 11 major metros and promise to expand to 20 by the end of 2020. The reason for such a spectacular growth is due to

Role of Warehouse Management System in Logistics Function

  In this day and age when online business is fast becoming the new normal, eCommerce businesses are increasingly relying on systems and procedures that help optimize their operations. Right from using the best  warehouse in Dallas   that uses a state-of-the-art warehouse management system to eCommerce fulfillment, they ensure every step of their operations is glitch-free.   They need a warehouse to store their inventories. As soon as they receive an order, the message is passed on to the fulfillment center that takes the next step of packing and delivering the products to the end customer.   Using modern systems and procedures, for instance,  the fleet tracking   system help in keeping a tab on the movement of the product from the warehouse to its intended destination, the customer. Statistics indicate that putting these systems in place helps streamline various logistics and supply operations and make them more efficient and streamlined.    The third most important service that

Fleet Tracking Help Improve Vehicle Performance

  Many fulfillment and delivery solutions providers use  fleet tracking   systems as it helps in squashing problems faced in deliveries and ensure a smooth run of the fleet. Since the biggest challenge faced by these companies is to keep a tab on their drivers, using this system helps them to overcome this problem. Tracking vehicles not only roots out dishonest and lazy drivers but also ensure the safety and security of the shipment. Controlling idling using this system also helps increase fuel economy. Many companies use the system to create smart routes for quick and efficient deliveries.    Drivers upload shipment from the  warehouse in Los Angeles ,  complete the paperwork and set off to their destination. High-tech systems help in planning routes that increase the efficiency of the drivers. It not only helps in calculating the route order but also gives the directions of the route and how much time to spend on each site. It makes the entire fleet management process streamlined a

Fulfillment and Warehouse Management Services at Xpdel

  Xpdel offers one of the leading delivery and fulfillment service providers in the nation. With Fulfillment centers in Dallas , and other parts of the nation we provide the fastest delivery service nationwide. We provide 2 days on-time delivery service with a 99% CSAT score with Customer service. At Xpdel we offer the best fulfillment and delivery services powered with advanced technology at the right price. Our Strategically located fulfillment centers in 11 major markets reduce the transit time by 1-3 days along with the reduced cost. To help our clients identify opportunities to grow and excel, we also offer live visibility into the operations and real-time tracking of the orders.   Our Warehouse in Dallas , New York, and other parts of the nation are all powered with modern technological tools, systems, and food-grade storage. We offer fast and reliable order picking and packing, same-day delivery in major markets through our partnership with national and local carriers.   To

What are the benefits of fleet tracking?

  The essence of  fulfillment centers in Los Angeles   lies in the fact that they act as third-party logistics, warehouse, and delivery service provider for e-commerce merchants. This means that small and medium businesses online need not bother about having a physical infrastructure to keep their products and then ship them to fulfill orders of customers. Thus, it is a big help for the business owner as he does not have to strategize and invest to manage the inventory of his end products.  How does the chain work? The online business receives orders from the customer; the seller then sends the items to the fulfillment center, from where the third-party service provider ships out the items to the customer. The responsibility and the costs of maintaining and performance of the  warehouses in Los Angeles   are completely that of the outsourced service provider. One important parameter that helps these outsourced service providers to offer optimized service to online businesses is  fl

Use of fleet tracking software

  For a delivery company,  fleet tracking  is an essential aspect of their operations. The purpose of keeping a watch over the fleet or in other words the trucks and other vehicles is to ensure that they are in proper running condition. It is crucial as the fleet is one of the most crucial assets of the company. Besides helping to monitor the condition of the vehicles, proper tracking also helps in keeping a watch over the movement of the vehicle.    The vehicles, their condition, and even their movement are tracked these days using automated systems that work using the most advanced technology. Businesses that work in the delivery, transportation, and logistics industries need to be one hundred percent sure that their vehicles are being put to good use. For businesses that deal with a large number of vehicles, the use of the right kind of software systems helps in various ways. Fleet tracking not only helps in the management and monitoring of the fleet, but such a software system

Technology powered Fulfillment services at Xpdel

  Xpdel is one of the leading fulfillment and delivery service providers in the nation. At Xpdel we offer nationwide coverage for 2-day delivery. With Fulfillment centers in New York , and 10 others in different locations in the US and nationwide coverage, we offer same-day delivery in most of the major markets.   We are a renowned provider of fulfillment and delivery services, known for providing advanced and excellent service at the right cost. With the help of our unique methodology, lean processes, actionable metrics, customized technology, and strong leadership, we strive to provide the best service. We handle all the ended to end operations from managing fulfillment centers, picking and packing, shipping, and delivering to the end customers.   All our warehouses including the Warehouse in new york , are technologically powered with advanced tools and systems. We provide live visibility into the operations, real-time tracking of every order, order management systems, fulfill

What to look for in a Dispatch Management System?

  Dispatchers and fleet managers use the best dispatch management system or a software that helps them to ensure their drivers are on time, at the right route, and running efficient routes to keep the customers satisfied. There is no dearth of systems available in the market that can ensure flawless working but not every system may suit precise requirements. Thus, it is important to check out various systems and software to make the right choice. To choose the right system, here are the things that needs to be kept in mind. Easy to Install- The system or software chosen by the warehouse in Chicago must be easy to install and use. These solutions are available in two parts. One is the telematics device and the second is the software in which data points are fed. The system chosen must be flexible or must have bandwidth to accommodate fast-growing operations. Many systems are available as plug in and plug off installation that are intuitive to use. Real-time GPS Tracking- The secon

Dispatch management and fulfillment services at Xpdel

  Xpdel is a leading provider of fulfillment and delivery services with more than 11 fulfillment centers in major markets and a 2-day delivery service nationwide. We have technology-powered Fulfillment centers in Chicago and across the nation that help our clients to manage the operations efficiently and effectively, see increased fulfillment rates at a reduced cost. We provide live visibility into inventories managed in different fulfillment centers, real-time tracking of every order,   we also provide necessary analytical data to help the clients scale their business and grow exponentially, etc. With the help of our unique methodology, lean processes, actionable metrics, customized technology, and strong leadership we provide great service at the best price in the market.   Our Warehouse in Chicago and other parts of the nation are managed by our team of professionals, to ensure fast and reliable order picking and fill rates. We manage end to end operations and provide live vis

Warehouse management and Fulfillment services at Xpdel

  As a leading fulfillment and delivery service provider, we at Xpdel, we offer end to end fulfillment and delivery service that enable our client to grow and excel. With Fulfillment centers in Dallas and other places across the nation, we offer a 2-day delivery service nationwide. We take care of all the aspects of the fulfillment and delivery operations of the clients. We offer Live visibility of the inventories managed in multiple fulfillment centers, Real-time tracking of every order to complete the fulfillment process, Easy to scale capacity with the clients’ growth, Adding more to the bottom line, Integration with national and local carriers, and Technology powered solutions. We do provide great service at the right cost by using our unique methodology, lean processes, actionable metrics, customized technology, and strong leadership.   All our warehouses including the Warehouse in Dallas include food-grade storage facilities with advanced stock and serial tracking capabil

Advanced Technological Fulfillment and Delivery Services at Xpdel

  Xpdel is a leading fulfillment and delivery service provider with Fulfillment centers in New York and 11 other Major metros of the nation.   At Xpdel we handle end to end operations of the fulfillment process that includes, providing fulfillment centers, handling order fulfillment, and shipping service. With tracking and visibility into operations in real-time, using our advanced technology, we help eCommerce business to find opportunities to grow and excel. The fulfillment centers are managed by our team of professionals to ensure fast and reliable order picking and fill rates. Through our partnership with the national and local carriers, we provide 2-day fast delivery services across the nation.     Our Warehouse in New York and other parts of the nation are all technologically powered with advanced systems and tools. To help eCommerce business to grow and become the leading business, we offer advanced stock and serial tracking capability, full visibility into orders and inve

Visibility, Analytics, and Fulfillment services by Xpdel

  Xpdel is a leading provider of Fulfillment and delivery services, with a number of Fulfillment centers in Los Angeles and other parts of the nation.  At Xpdel, we provide 2 days fast delivery services with live visibility into the inventories. Our fulfillment centers present in 11 major markets are powered with advanced technology and tools to ensure on-time delivery at reasonable prices while maintaining high standards of customer experience. We handle all the aspects of fulfillment and delivery operations, right from receiving orders, picking, packing, delivering, and tracking returns. We help our clients to focus on their business needs, fulfill the requirements, and find opportunities to grow.   To manage the inventories, we utilize the advanced Artificial Intelligence-powered, Fulfillment Execution Platform (FEP) instead of the traditional WMS software . The FEP makes it agile and scalable to fulfill and deliver the orders easily. We provide live Key Performance Indicator d