Three Logistical Improvements Made Possible By 3PL solutions

3rd party solutions are what link the parent company to its loyal client base. Though most of the big companies already have their own team of experts to take care of all the logistical aspects of the order fulfillment services, having a third-party logistics agency can help in multiple sectors. They not only take care of warehousing and storage but also ensures that the finished goods are successfully delivered to the correct address. Wondering how? Well, read on to discover the logistical functions where a 3PL solution can be a total game changer,

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Transportation: Be it raw material acquisition or moving the finished product from the warehouse to the dispatching location, transportation plays a key role in all the order fulfillment services. With a specially trained team and highly advanced software tool, you can ensure that there will be no glitches as your manufactured items move from one location to the other. The right kind of vehicle is also an important factor that the best logistics fulfillment company take care of so that you can focus on more important matters at hand.

Information: In the era of computerization, information is the biggest resource. Order tracking, billing, and packaging are only a few sectors where you need real-time data for the smooth completion of order fulfillment services. The 3PL solutions offer plenty of help in that sector. Their trained software management systems keep track of the financial transaction, inventory movement, and even the proper storage of all the goods in the warehouse. 

Warehousing: Though many are unaware, how the manufactured goods are warehoused can be a huge deal in any logistics fulfillment company. The efficiency of inventory management, order pick and pack, shipping, and dispatch are directly connected with the warehousing of the products. With a 3Pl organization to help, your team of professionals can ensure better warehouse management and improved client satisfaction in return. 

The Five Steps Followed by An Order Fulfillment Company in the USA

As the customer we hardly know the intricate details of e-commerce and online orders. In reality, the top order fulfillment companies have to go through a bunch of procedures to accurately deliver your ordered items.

top order fulfillment companies

Here are the five important stages of successful order completion.

Inventory reception: The first step is receiving the inventory. Goods come in bulk from different locations. Inspecting and updating the inventories coming in on the internal database is an important function of the order fulfillment services

Storing of the incoming inventory: Once the goods are received, and their movements are recorded, the next step is to properly store the inventory. Most of the items that go into storage are those that are meant for immediate sales. Depending on the date of shipping, the inventories are categorized and sent to long or short-term storage facilities. 

Processing the orders: Simply storing the inventories is not enough. The fulfillment centers process the orders based on customer demands. This sorting is essential for the following steps as it is one of the most time-consuming functions of order fulfillment companies USA.

Order Picking and packing: The job of the order picking team is to single out the items from the storage and prepare them to be packed before shipping. The picking is heavily dependent on the chronology of the orders that are to be packed. The more futuristic fulfillment agencies often use robots and automated systems for the completion of order picking and packing. 

Order Shipping and Delivery: Once the orders are picked and packed, they are sent to a transportation organization that then transports the order to the final destination. In most cases, the shipping and carrier companies deliver the order in two consecutive steps. The order is taken to another storage unit, which is dispatched for delivery. 

How Are Fulfillment Centers Different from Warehousing Units?

Two factors that play a major role in the flourishing of E-Commerce are our warehouse and fulfillment centers. Fulfilment warehouse USA improves your company’s efficiency by taking care of the entire order fulfillment process. Though the 3PL companies in the US offer fulfillment as well as distribution services, the common notion is that they are synonymous. There are some classic differences between a warehousing unit and a fulfillment center. Essentially, both buildings are used for storing the manufactured products before shipping them out. However, there are some fine distinguishing factors.

Fulfilment warehouse USA

Read on to find out how fulfillment centers differ from warehouses.

Purpose: The very first point of difference between centers of order fullfillment USA, and warehouse is their fundamental purpose. During the transportation of the products, there are times when you need a change of transport. Warehouses are where your goods are kept during the stop gaps. In that sense, the warehouse functions as the chief hub of transit. On the other hand, fulfillment centers are specifically designed to store the finished items before their ultimate shipping. Besides storage, a fulfillment center also serves other purposes. 

Operations: The primary operations of a warehouse include shifting the stocked items from one location to the other, inside the building and managing the inventory of the business. They are filled with shelves and storage units. The workers organize, sort, and manage the stored items in the order of their pickup. A fulfillment center operates on multiple levels. They deal with how the order is transported to the site of shipping, and order tracking, and their job ends only after the successful delivery of the order at the recipient’s address. 

Orders:  A warehouse usually caters to wholesale retailers. Bulk orders that are meant for retailers and other such outlets are their primary concern. Fulfillment centers entertain both B2B as well as B2C orders. While B2B orders are those that are shipped to the distributors and wholesalers, B2C orders refer to those that are delivered directly to the location of your individual customers.

Why Are Soft Skills So Important for E-Commerce Fulfillment Companies?

 3rd party logistics companies basically bridge the gap between you and your clients. They are the ones who take care of adequately storing the manufactured goods, the order pickups, and their packaging, as well as the delivery of the order at the right address. There are a number of different features that are responsible for the success and failure of your e-commerce fulfillment companies. However. That being said, there is nothing more critical than the communicative and interactive skills of the employees working at the order fulfillment centers in India. Wondering why? Read on to find out how soft skills and your client and customer experience can make or break or fulfillment center.

Customer Satisfaction: At the end of the day, every commercial venture sets out to prove its efficiency to its customers. Without proper communication, they will never know how well-groomed your company is. The delivery services directly contact them while dropping off their order products. Your customers often expect their deliveries according to their schedules and availability. If you want your 3rd party logistics company to flourish, you must ensure the delivery guy knows exactly how to communicate with the buyers concerned. 

Attracting More Clients: Your clients are essentially big companies with their own manufacturing units. They are usually looking for ecommerce fulfillment companies that offer them the facilities they require. In such a situation, convincing them that your fulfillment center will be their best choice is a tough job. However, with the right communication skills, your chances of attracting more clients are higher than ever. The easiest way to pool in more clients is by establishing your supremacy as an order fulfillment agency. With the right skills, your employees will have no difficulty in impressing the clients and getting the job. 

Intra-management: Ecommerce fulfillment companies need to interact and keep each other posted about every occurrence within the system. It’s only when your staff members can clearly communicate with each other and be on the same page that you can do your work efficiently and keep both your clients and customers satisfied. 

The Three Different Software Management Systems For 3PL Service Providers in India

 Ecommerce fulfillment services India, as well as across all the other nations, is the number one requirement in an online transaction. Once the order has been placed, the customers really do not know about the technical details of what goes on behind the curtains. But with software management tools implemented in some of the best 3PL service providers in India, getting your orders delivered right at your doorstep has become infinitely more manageable. 

Standalone Warehouse Management Systems: The smoothness of the warehousing has been magnified by Warehouse Management Software Systems or WMS for short. You can customize the software to suit your warehousing issues, depending on the size of your company. Though most of the features on this website can be personalized, one fact remains unchanged. This technical tool allows you to store your goods better, get better inventory management, and smarter order pick-ups and packaging. 

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems: This software has many benefits. Not only do they increase your efficiency at the micro fulfillment centers in India, but they also improve customer service and integrate all the different processes that play a key role in getting the orders delivered. The Enterprise Resource Planning software system allows easy access to all the employees to avail of the databases and ensures the smooth functioning of the organization. An ERP accounts for better communication and understanding within the corporation, that in turn helps in providing the best services to the clients as well as the customers. 

Integrated Supply Chain Management Systems: An Integrated Supply Chain Management system or an SCM controls every aspect of the process, right from the acquisition of the raw materials to their manufacturer and final delivery of the said product. Resource planning and execution, demand and supply management, and inventory management are only a few features of this software system applied by the leading e-commerce fulfillment centers in India.

Why Michigan Is the Home to Some of The Top Order Fulfillment Companies

The Great Lake State of Michigan is the home to some of the top order fulfillment companies in the United States of America. Fulfillment centers and three-part logistics services are integral parts of any business organization. Especially now, when most brands have online stores and outlets, warehousing and fulfillment USA holds significant importance for the success of a business organization. Owing to the strategic location, the 3pl companies in Michigan have established themselves as some of the best names in this sector. If you are wondering what makes Michigan such a popular location, here are three reasons why that’s the case.

top order fulfillment companies

Proximity To the Main Transportation Hubs: Transportation is one of the most crucial aspects of supply chain management and order fulfillment. Michigan houses a bunch of international airports like the Delta County Airport and the Bishop International Airport, along with great interconnection roads and railways that make this state ideal for warehousing and logistics. The Detroit Wayne County Port caters to different types of imports and exports, especially heavy goods. 

An Expanding Market: With an average of 2% increase annually, Michigan has a fast-growing population that makes up for a great market. Your customers are your top priority, and the closer your 3pl partner is to them, the better it is. Being close to such a vital asset means that you can complete the process of order delivery and not much time is lost during order picking and shipping. 

Bidirectional Scalability: The professionals here are adept in handling the market and equipped with some of the best technical tools to provide you with bidirectional scalability. This means that they not only calculate and apprehend the market fluctuations but also alert you about restocking and inventory controls. The advancement in technology and the introduction of management software systems have been a massive help in this context. 

Factors you need to consider before you choose a 3PLCompany

3PL shipping companies contribute to a company’s profits majorly. They bridge the gap between the parent's brands and their customers by providing efficient inventory management and fast order completion. They are essential for the success of your business and even more so if you have online stores as well. Here’s a list of the factors that you need to consider before you a 3pl solutions for your company. 

3PL companies in Michigan

The Location: The location of the 3PL shipping companies matters the most. It should be close to the chief market and within close proximity to the nearest airports, ports, railways, and roads. The location of the 3PL company directly affects transportation and order management, which in turn affects your business. A chief portion of the overall costs occur due to the logistics of your business, and where your 3PL centres are located can be of significant advantage.

The Technological Benefits: In the era of global digitisation, supply chain software systems that the 3PL companies in Michigan implement are amazing. Warehousing, storage, shipping, and order fulfillment are some of the attributes that advanced technology tackles. The software systems are swift to optimize inventory management and provide real-time data related to the same. Most importantly, the tools used by Third-party logistics services support you to a great extent during business fluctuations. They can estimate the alliterations and helps you plan ahead. 

The Management of Tax and Regulations:
No operation can work smoothly unless you are well acquainted with the industry's laws, regulations, and taxation process. In fact, how well your 3PL center understands these aspects can prove to be vital for your company. The risk of running into penalties increases if there is a lack of awareness regarding the business's functioning. So do your research before you choose a 3PL partner for your company. 

How can small and medium eCommerce Brands in India Deliver Fast

Small and medium eCommerce brands often struggle when it comes to fast delivery. Well, we have the answer to it.

The Indian eCommerce industry is on an exceptional growth trajectory, especially since the surge in digital adoption after the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. It is estimated that the eCommerce sector is likely to reach USD 111.40 billion by 2025 from USD 46.20 billion in 2020, which indicates an annual growth of 19.24%. Retail experts foresee grocery to become one of the key pillars of growth predicted to reach USD 18.2 billion in 2024 from the USD 1.9 billion in 2019, expanding at a CAGR of 57%. In fact, the Indian online retail market is estimated to reach the USD 350 billion by 2030 from the current market, amounting to the USD 45 to 50 billion.

At the India Internet Day 2021, organized by TIE Delhi NCR, experts said that the number of online shoppers is expected to reach about 500-600 from 150 million shoppers in CY-2020. In recent years India has seen exponential digital advancement from the increase of smartphone purchases to the 5G rollout in the pipeline. According to the latest research, shipments of smartphones grew by 82% YoY to reach over 33 million units in Q2, 2021.

So, this massive growth in the eCommerce sector has encouraged many small and medium businesses or retailers to come forward in the market and start selling their products online. However, to survive and grow, they need to overcome the cut-throat competition and excel in their processes and operations to escape getting replaced by the eCommerce giants.

With the massive increase in the number of online shoppers, there is a significant rise in the competition among eCommerce retailers. Apart from this, there is also a major shift in consumer behavior and their expectations. Currently, one of the major demands of consumers is faster delivery and more delivery options. You also need to ensure that every order is delivered on time, every time. Let’s see what smaller and medium eCommerce retailers require for faster delivery to retain and grow their customer base:

Efficient Inventory Management. One of the most crucial steps towards faster order fulfillment is to manage inventory efficiently. It’s essential to be on top of the current market trends, follow demand forecasting and analysis as accurately as possible. To compete with the eCommerce giants, you need to have advanced tracking tools in place to monitor your inventory and provide real-time insight. You can also set up an automated inventory management workflow to focus on the other aspects of the business, such as customer service, fraud prevention, and merchandising.

Fulfillment Outsourcing. To thrive in this highly competitive market and expand your eCommerce retail brand, managing all the nuances of logistics operations with your in-house team is difficult. In that case, you need a dedicated team of logistics experts that might not be cost-effective until your turnover reaches a certain level. Once you outsource this crucial business function, you get enough time and resources to focus on your products and the other aspects of the business.

Regulatory compliance. Logistics providers handling food and grocery products need to comply with some food and grocery-related stringent rules and regulations of the country. Some guidelines laid down for refrigerated fulfillment have to be followed, or your business might face legal issues.

Selecting the Right 3PL Partner. The right 3PL partner can make or break your brand reputation, especially if there is an order fulfillment issue. The selection becomes a crucial process as it might risk your customer satisfaction. After all, your customers know your brand and not the 3PL. Some of the critical factors that you should evaluate carefully are the following:

Ensure that they understand your vision and align their operations to help you achieve your goals.

Verify their technological and infrastructural capability to help grow your business.

Check how adaptive they are in scalability to cater to the ever-changing needs of a high-demand eCommerce business.

Make sure to validate their return management system as it is crucial to maintain your customer satisfaction and be on top of the game.

Review the expertise, knowledge, experience of their team carefully for you to trust them with an essential function of your business as logistics.

Here comes XPDEL, a US-based high-tech provider of fulfillment and logistics services, serving you now in India as well. In a fiercely competitive market like India, where eCommerce giants are rapidly replacing retail and small businesses, XPDEL is on a mission to help smaller retailers succeed with eCommerce. Empowered with a strong network and advanced technological and infrastructural capability, we bring growth solutions to help you succeed. We solve your inventory, order fulfillment, and logistics needs by providing a complete solution from the order through delivery. Our live tracking and visibility result in an exceptional customer experience.


In the end, it is a smart choice for you to partner with a 3PL provider to overcome competition and expand your business. However, selecting the right 3PL partner is quite crucial because, at the end of the day, it’s your reputation that is at stake. Hence, we urge you to weigh all the pros and cons of each 3PL service provider and then make a data-driven, informed decision to select the right partner to win the game. Beat the competition and get going!

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The Role That 3PL Companies in The US Play In Keeping Your Customers Satisfied:

Irrespective of whether you sell your buyable over the online platform or through offline stores and outlets, at the end of the day the customers remain the priority. They are the ones who basically create the market for you. Without them, a business would be as good as dead. 3PL companies or third-party logistics services act as the bridge between you and your customer, especially for online outlets. Ensuring quick order pickups and fast delivery would get quite difficult. By working behind the curtain, 3PL companies in USA play a significant part in keeping your customers happy.

3PL companies in USA

Their contribution in this context is immense, and here’s why. 

Reduces workload and increases focus: If you have a business, you will know that warehousing and inventory management takes time. Supply chain development is also a tasking job. 3pl companies in the US take care of your logistics and transportation and saves you time. You can now focus on the other aspects of the business, like collaborations, expansions, or remodeling. 

Increased Efficiency: It is true that almost every business organization has an in-office team whose primary responsibility is to oversee logistics and supply chain management. 3PL companies USA help you increase the efficiency of your team. The professionals here have in-depth knowledge and profound experience in the field to provide you with the additional help you might need. 

Flexible Charges: Unlike many other industries, third-[party logistics centers and management agencies actually have a pretty impressive charge rate. They allow their clients to be flexible depending on the estimated order quantity. You can choose to hire them for specific seasons when your business is usually on the rise. Or you could go on an annual contract. 

Managing Orders: Order management covers a considerable chunk of your business structure. With advanced technology and professionals, 3PL companies efficiently track your orders and shipments along with effective handling of the inventory as well. 

Why Does the Location of The Fulfillment Centers Important?

With the rise of e-commerce and the rapidly changing economy, terms like fulfillment centers and order management have become a part of the common vocabulary. Fulfillment companies essentially offer storage, transportation, and delivery services to all brands with an online shopping portal. Their importance in the field of successful order fulfillment is of significant nature. And the most important aspect of these warehouse and storage units is their location. In fact, the whereabouts of a fulfillment center can become a primary source of growth for the business houses they cater to.

Fulfillment companies

Read on to find out what makes the location of a warehousing and fulfillment center so crucial.

Transportation: Shifting the goods from the major manufacturing unit to the storage space and their delivery to the recipient’s address requires a strong transportation network. If your fulfillment service is positioned far from the main transportation channel, there is a surge in the overall expenses. Besides, the farther it is from the nearest airport, railway junctions, and ports, the longer it will take to successfully complete the order delivery. 

Availability of the workforce: No job can be finished on time without an efficient workforce. Any fulfillment service requires a considerable number of helping hands when it comes to sorting, order picking, and related processes. If the distance between your fulfillment center and the main hub of labor is too great, the chances of creating a strong staff base and pooling labor become thinner. 

Costs and Expenses:
 Though the direct link is a little hard to find, the overall costs and expenses that you need to bear are closely related to the location of your distribution center. The estimated prices can increase massively if you do not take the location into consideration. Be it transportation or labor costs. The location affects the three most important aspects of setting up a fulfillment center.

The Role of Third-Party Logistics Providers in The Sphere of Online Order Completions:

In the present-day e-commerce scenario, there are certain terms that we often come across. Third party logistics providers are one such coinage that is integral to order fulfillment when it comes to online buying and selling. When you place an order, you know that the item will be delivered to the registered address by the time mentioned. But have you ever wondered where are goods stored or how they finally turn up at your doorstep without any delay? Well, if you are how 3pl management work or what role these thor-party outsourcing units play, read on to find out.

top fulfillment centers in India

The Role of Third-Party Logistics Providers in Order Fulfillment:

As mentioned earlier, these companies are actually very crucial to the success of any business that permits online transactions. Cost reduction and inventory optimization are the two most important tasks that these companies take care of. However, there is more than they do.

Effectively tackling a large number of orders: 3 pls are designed such that they are equipped to handle a sudden rise in the number of orders, irrespective of whether they are coming in for storage or being sent out for delivery. Third-party logistics management relates to the measures that the top fulfillment centers in India take to ensure that no business is lost simply because the number of orders was too overwhelming for the team to handle!

Order Picking: The finished items are first stored in the warehouses before being dispatched. The process of selecting the orders to be shipped is termed order picking. The method that is followed while doing this can either be discreetly selecting one order at a time or the orders can be picked in a bulk. The technique implemented depends on the order volume and the types of items being sold.

Storage:  One of the most important roles that a 3PL fulfillment company plays is in the storage aspect. Proper storing units are vital for keeping the finished goods safe and far from any sort of damage.

What Are the Criteria for The Best Location of Warehouse and Fulfillment Centers in the USA?

Fulfillment centers play a key role in the order completion process of online shopping. Usually, the major manufacturing unit is pretty far from the recipient's address. That is why warehousing and fullfillment USA actively participates in order picking, shipping, and delivery. The location of the fulfillment company should be such that it can effectively lower the costs incurred during transportation as well as the time taken by the final delivery. If you are wondering how to go about selecting a site for your fulfillment and storage unit, you should consider the following factors and make a smart decision. 

fullfillment USA

Rent and Payable Taxes: Renting a space large enough to accommodate large orders and storage units is not very common. The amount charged also varies from city to city. On the other hand, the tax rates are also heavily dependent on the state that you are in. Comparing the rents charged and the tax calculation is pretty effective during the selection period.

Proximity to airports, ports, roads, and railways: Since transportation of the finished goods is one of the top priorities of the fulfillment companies, how close your chosen location is to the airport or the main connecting roads is a crucial factor. If the warehouse unit is too far off from the major transport hubs, the expenses increase, which can lead to financial issues. 

Availability of Labor: You need a sizeable workforce to ensure that all the work gets done without a glitch. So, one of the chief criteria for choosing allocation is the availability of easy and cheap labor. While setting up a unit for warehousing and fulfillment USA, keep in mind that the easier it is to get a strong staff, the simpler the work gets. 

The Market: Lastly, areas with a higher population density are equivalent to a prosperous market. This means, before you take the final call, it is advised that you consider the customer base and choose a site that can offer you more in terms of business and finances!

Factors You Should Consider Before Selecting the Right Fulfillment Service for Your Company

With the advancement in technology, the internet is the biggest market today. And any company, whether a start-up or a veteran, knows the importance of eCommerce in the present era. That being said, there are certain aspects of ecommerce fulfillment that require expert supervision and control. Warehousing and storage of the finished products along with their shipment and delivery are some of the key roles that a fulfillment logistics company performs. These agencies are not directly related to the main brand or the manufacturers but are responsible for the smooth completion of any online order. There are a bunch of different organizations that provide the retailers with all-around fulfillment services which makes choosing the right partner a tricky task. So, before you select your logistics fulfillment company, ensure that you remember the following points.

Factors A Business Establishment Must Be Aware of Before selecting The Order Fulfillment Company:

There is no rule that works for all industries. The type of fulfillment services that benefits an online kid’s store might not work well for a clothing line. Therefore, considering some factors before taking the plunge is always a smart idea.

Order Volume: The order requirements of the fulfillment agencies vary and are a clear indicator of which business would suit the particular company best. For jewelry stores and brands selling designer watches, only a few items get sold every month. Thus, choosing a fulfillment service that sets the minimum limit on a quarterly or on a yearly basis is more suited for concerned order volume. On the other hand, virtual sites selling in bulk, like groceries or pharmaceutical companies are seen to function better with units that set a monthly order volume limit. 

Inventory Assortment:
An order gets picked either singly or in a bulk from the warehouse and this inventory management is a crucial factor. For the best results, one might optimize the order picking and choosing a logistic fulfillment service depending on the same.

Delivery and Return:
The delivery should be on time and there should be easy return policies that make the entire process of purchase smooth and grant maximum customer satisfaction. Your fulfillment service should also prioritize these facets.

The Three Stages That Are Integral to The Success of The Logistics Fulfillment Companies

Warehouse services essentially refer to the storage facilities where the manufactured goods are kept before being shipped off to the address where it is to be delivered. 3PL service providers in India provide this storage facility to the different brands and companies that are selling their products online. These third-party fulfillment services play a very crucial role in the process of order completion. There are several steps that must be followed while setting up the warehousing facilities that ecommerce fulfillment services India offer their clients. If you are interested in how this industry runs, read on to find out the different stages of setting up third-party warehouse and storage units. 

The Setting Up: The very first step a logistic fulfillment company takes is to set up the criteria for the particular unit in question. During the set-up period, the parent company gives a detailed report regarding the inventory, logistics, and the details of the business so the fulfillment unit can keep up with the flow of goods and merchandise that are coming in and going out for the final delivery. 

Manpower: Most such logistics and fulfillment units require a team of experts who are experienced in record keeping and documentation. A large number of the staff gets engaged with the receiving and the sending out of the goods. Their responsibilities include sorting, labeling, and dispatching the items to the correct address. Thus, the team-building stage is crucial for the success of the logistics fulfillment company

The Storage of The Goods: The third factor or phase of the third-party logistics companies in the actual storing unit. The right design and planning are vital for storing the goods such that no damage comes to them during this period. Depending on the necessity and the requirement, the storage units should have shelves, bins, trays, pallets, and any other form of installation required for keeping the goods safe. 

Where Can I Find the Best Fulfillment Centers in the USA?

 A rapid increase in e-commerce has led to an urgent need for fulfillment centers all across The United States of America. Since the USA is one of the leading nations in terms of commercial growth, there are several fulfillment centers here that cater to the different online brands and shopping sites. Some of the best fulfilment warehouse USA are nestled along the coastlines. This is because one of the primary responsibilities of any fulfillment and warehousing unit includes shipping, and the closer you are to the say, the simpler it gets. 

The top distribution centers pay special attention to the location of the storage centers as it directly affects transportation costs and other subsidiary activities. If you are wondering where the maximum number of the centers of fullfillment USA is located, here’s a list of the cities that you should look into. 

Atlanta: Atalanta houses the busiest airport on American soil. The proximity to the airport makes transportation cheaper and reduces the time taken to complete the delivery. Atlanta is also known for its fast-growing population, which makes up for a great market in this area. 

It is no surprise that Chicago features on this list. Located very close to Springfield, the capital of Illinois, Chicago has a booming population, making this city one of the biggest markets in the whole continent. The interstate railroads and well-maintained highways are great for safe and quick transportation of goods.

Los Angeles:
the long beach area in Los Angeles is the home to the second biggest metropolitan in the United States of America. That, and its proximity to the sea, makes Los Angeles perfect for Warehouses and fulfillment centers. 

Philadelphia is the home of some of the biggest industrial set-ups and is a place of work for many. The expanding economy also ensures a boom in business which is why Philadelphia is one of the most coveted cities in terms of fulfillment centers and warehouses. 

What are the advantages of reaching out to an eCommerce shipping company?

There are three major benefits of outsourcing consumer order fulfilment tasks to a 3PL e-commerce fulfilment company. A fulfilment company helps business to manage their inventories in the best way possible. 

Usually, the presence of an order fulfilment software that’s advanced and updated can help businesses to gain valuable insights via high-quality data. Ecommerce sellers can now access their inventory easily with the help of cloud-based technologies, real-time and accurate visibility features, custom reporting, batch optimization and tracking, and so on. 


An e-commerce shipping company helps to enhance the consumer experience with the help of better shipping options. Now, companies can rely on secured packaging options along with better order returns and tracking. 


Ultimately, it helps to improve consumer experiences. Businesses can dispatch goods to consumers in real-time and at low costs. It simplifies the return processes for consumers while equipping them with real-time delivery updates. 


Now, businesses can ship demanded products to consumers quickly- which helps to improve consumer satisfaction. 


As a result, businesses will have the time to focus on their expansion and growth. Businesses can now meet the demand for new products, promotional products, or even seasonal products. Ecommerce businesses can also facilitate international shipping. Wondering how to choose one of the best 3pl ecommerce fulfilment companies?


When choosing an ecommerce shipping company, you should consider the functions carried out by them. These companies are capable of carrying out fulfilment processes such as warehousing, inventory management, shipping, and so on. 


Some of the major functions carried out by an ecommerce fulfillment company are as follows:

  • Receiving and managing inventory
  • Generating lists of products that are to be picked up. These orders are picked up from an inventory storage house once an order is placed and received.
  • Assembling kits and items
  • Packing boxes
  • Labelling different shipments
  • Shipping products to the doorstep of consumers
  •  Handling and process return. 

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