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Advantages of Using Fulfillment Centers in Chicago

Many of us are confused about warehouses and if we still need fulfillment centers. Here we bring you some pertinent benefits that fulfillment centers in Chicago brings to the online sellers.   ·         Managing physical space is not an ideal solution for a sellers’ unless they are brick and mortar retailers. It is for this reason many eCommerce businesses look to eliminate inventory storage and dealing with eCommerce warehousing. A fulfillment center helps the online sellers by handling their increasing order volume. Using these services leave more time with the retailers to grow their business instead of worrying about post office lines and packing supplies. ·         Using the services of fulfillment centers in New York , retailers can focus on the bigger picture. There is no doubt that packing boxes with right orders and shipping them to the customers is an integral element to meet high-end consumer expectations. It is better to outsource this task and ensure its proper manag

Choosing the Right WMS Software

Choosing the right WMS Software solution can help a company bring about a remarkable improvement in order fulfillment, automating data collection, and boost inventory visibility. If you are planning to invest in a WMS Software, here are a few factors that you need to consider ensuring optimized warehouse operation. Calculate ROI It is very important to justify your investment into a good WMS Software. This can be done by setting up a budget and concentrating on functional must-haves when selecting suppliers. The areas that need their attention is accuracy, providing real-time information, and taking care of perpetual inventory counting. Increased Productivity This is the second area that needs attention of the buyers. They need to ensure that the software they are planning to invest in can help them increase productivity. They also need to check if they can enjoy cost savings through improved equipment, labor, and space utilization. Improved Traceability The WMS Software m

Xpdel: Your expert of Fulfillment and Delivery Service

As a renowned market leader for Fulfillment and Delivery of Products, we, at Xpdel offer the best service at the right cost. With strategically located Fulfillment centers in Los Angeles , and other major parts of the nation. We take care of the end to end process of fulfillment and delivery. By partnering with the reputed Courier brands and 11 fulfillment centers across the nation, we offer fast delivery i.e 2-day delivery nationwide. In some major cities, we also offer same-day delivery. To grow into the leading business of the market, maintaining high standards of customer experience and effective working of the Fulfillment process is a must. At, Xpdel we ensure your fulfillment and delivery operations are carried out with ease and effectively. All our fulfillment centers are managed by our experts using proprietary software systems. Fulfillment Execution Platform (FEP) is our Fulfillment management software used instead of the traditional WMS software . FEP cloud based platform w

Top Must-Have Features of WMS Software

WMS or the Warehouse Management Software is a technology that is fast becoming a reliable way to automate warehouse movements. This technology is largely used by manufacturers and distributors to keep a track on inventory and take immediate decisions depending on the status of inventory. When investing in a high-end WMS Software , here are a few important features that must be available in the software for higher performance and efficient functioning. Operations Every warehouse and fulfillment centers in LosAngeles take care of inbound and outbound operations, it need to have a WMS platform that are able to handle this step of warehouse operations with utmost efficiency. Right from Put away management, receiving, advanced shipping notifications to packing and picking, shipping scheduling, and value-added services, it takes care of all. Fulfillment Management Another must-have feature in a WMS Software is order optimization and fulfillment management. This feature must help in

Advanced Technology Delivery and Fulfillment services at Xpdel

Xpdel is one of the most renowned service provider of Fulfilment and Delivery services in the nation. We, at Xpdel offer the best services at the right cost. With strategically located 11 fulfillment centers across the nation including Fulfillment centers in Chicago  , we offer the fastest delivery service nationwide. We also provide Live visibility of your inventory managed in multiple fulfillment centers, Real-time tracking of every order your complete fulfillment process, and same-day delivery in major markets. With greater 98% on-time delivery and 99% CSAT score,   and customer support, we ensure your organization meets the highest customer service standards at a reduced cost. We take care of End-to-end tracking and visibility of your operations in real-time, using our technology built for modern eCommerce. All our fulfillment centers including Fulfillment centers in New York are technologically powered with advanced systems and tools that help in managing the business process e

Delivery Services at Xpdel

Xpdel is a leading provider of fulfillment and delivery services with Fulfillment centers in Los Angeles and other major cities of the state. We, at Xpdel offers technology-powered services that help you improvise the business operations, meet customer demands, achieve better fill rates, and maintain high standards of customer services, and much more. We are known for providing great service at the right cost. This is possible through our unique methodology, lean processes, actionable metrics, customized technology, and strong leadership. With strategically located fulfillment centers in 11 major markets and partnerships with reputed courier companies, we offer 2-day delivery services nationwide and same-day delivery in some major cities. All our fulfillment centers are technology powered with advanced systems and tools. We use the Fulfillment Execution Platform (FEP) instead of WMS software . The FEP makes it both agile and scalable to fulfill and deliver your orders. Through FEP

Technology Powered Fulfillment and Delivery Services at Xpdel

  Xpdel is one of the renowned service providers of fulfillment and delivery services with technology powered Fulfillment centers in Los Angeles and other parts of the nation. If you are looking for expert solutions and services to improve your business operations, we are the right and the best choice. At Xpdel, we offer 11 fulfillment centers in the US with nationwide reach, Live visibility of your inventory managed in multiple fulfillment centers, Real-time tracking of every order, your complete fulfillment process, and much more. All our fulfillment centers are strategically located in 11 major markets and are owned and managed by our team of experts. You can trust us and engage with us to improvise your business and find opportunities to grow. Our proprietary technology models such as the Dispatch management system help in carrying out the fulfillment and delivery process effectively and efficiently. It intelligently routes the order to fulfillment centers according to proximity

WMS Software- An Integral Part of the Enterprise Software

Warehouse Management Software, also referred to as the WMS software is one of the major aspects on an enterprise software. The software aims at handling unique distribution niches like supply chain management, inventory management, and transportation management. When planning to invest in a high-end software, look for an option that precisely meets system functional requirements. It must come packed with features that makes it a perfect support to ensure flawless warehouse management and operations.  Here are the features and operations that must be in a WMS Software. Outbound and Inbound Operations The WMS Platform used by fulfillment centers in LosAngeles must take care of inbound and outbound operations. The key features of the platform must include-          Putaway Management          Receiving/Inbound Operations          Shipping Scheduling          Value-Added Services          Advanced Shipping Notifications          Product Lifecycle Management Order and Fu

How Using the Dispatch Management System Streamlines Operations?

Dispatch is one of the functions that lies at the intersection of field service management and customer experience. Suffice is to say that it is one of the most demanding field service jobs. This function uses both the equipment and customer needs with the field workers to meet evolving customer requirements. The function includes a range of services like repairs, installations, maintenance and more in home health care, deliveries, equipment maintenance, insurance claim accessors and more fields. Using a dispatch management system   following functions can be streamlined. Increase Dispatch Efficiency Using the system help to streamline operations and increase dispatch efficiency. It is always recommended to go for a connected software solution to get real-time data. This can help in handling customer experience and field service challenge effectively and efficiently. The system also comes with scalability to scale as the company grows. Automatic Scheduling Many fulfillment cent

How Fleet Tracking Works?

Fleet Management is one of the integral functions of supply and logistics field. This job can become more streamlined and easier using high-end, technology-driven fleet tracking   systems. Here are how these systems work. Location technology is used in fleet tracking which collects data from automatic vehicle location devices helping to zero-in on its whereabouts. Primarily, two major vehicle tracking systems are in use. GLONASS AND GPS. GLONASS- It is a satellite navigation system. This system is technologically advanced and is operated by Aerospace Defence Forces of Russia. Considered as an alternative to GPS, this navigational system has worldwide coverage and works with high precision. GPS- GPS or the Global Positioning System is another, globally used satellite-based navigation system. It collects time and location information. It can gather information irrespective of weather conditions as it is space satellite-based system. This information can be collected from any place

Advanced Delivery and Fulfillment Services at Xpdel

Xpdel is a renowned Industry Leader for Fulfillment and Delivery Services with nationwide coverage for 2-Day Delivery. With Fulfillment centers in Chicago and other parts of the nation, and Integration with national and local carriers, we ensure your products reach your customers on time every time. We provide Live visibility of your inventory managed in multiple fulfillment centers, Real-time tracking of every order, your complete fulfillment process as well as add more to your bottom line. As a Leader in Direct to Consumer (D2C) Fulfillment and Delivery we ensure greater than 98% on-time delivery and 99% CSAT score with round the clock customer support. Our team of professionals manages our inventories effectively so that you can focus on the growth of your business. All our fulfillment centers including the Fulfillment centers in New York   are technologically powered with advanced tools and systems such as our Fulfillment execution platform (FEP), Logistics Execution Platform (LEP

Fleet tracking makes fulfillment centers deliver customer experiences viably

E-commerce platforms or online merchants today need to capitalize on technology and partner with third-party service providers to help them in two ways – a) reduce operational costs; b) optimize the supply chain network so that superior customer experiences can be focused on. It is important to remember for online businesses that customers today want efficient deliveries without compromising on time or product quality. For small and medium scale businesses online, costs can be incredibly high if they had to invest in warehousing, logistics, and supply chain.  Fleet tracking    has become a crucial factor for online businesses too. They, thus, need to choose between partnering with an established  fulfillment center in Dallas    that offers integrated warehousing, shipping, and delivery service or handle everything on their own. Beyond any question, the former is a viable business decision because it addresses effectively the above parameters of reducing costs, and having happy cust

XPDEL: Delivery Everywhere

The digital generation has finally arrived where everyone prefers to work and shop online. With lakhs of orders being dispatched every day, it often gets a little tedious when it comes to  fleet tracking . This is why Xpdel was invented, a company that expedites and manages your delivery solutions using advanced technological systems. With a promise of 2-day delivery anywhere in the nation, Xpdel aims towards enabling growth and reducing costs simultaneously. Many big brands have put their faith and trust into Xpdel which has made it into the industry leader it is today. Predicting a fast growth, it aims to have 20 centers under its belt before the end of 2020, with 11 fulfillment centers present already in the US. Apart from a warehouse in Dallas , a modern metropolis, Xpdel successfully manages the others too which are present in the other populated cities. Since it operates on such a large scale, it highly relies on technology and can be termed as a technology-powered company.

Xpdel: A leading Direct to Consumer (D2C) Fulfillment and Delivery services provider

Xpdel is a leading fulfillment and delivery service provider of the nation. At Xpdel, we offer the best technologically powered fulfillment and delivery services at the best prices. With Fulfillment centers in Los Angeles and other parts of the nation, we offer nationwide coverage for 2-Day Delivery along with live visibility of the inventory managed in all, and real-time tracking of every order. Strategically located 11 fulfillment centers, partnerships with reputed national carriers, and unique methodologies make it possible to ensure smooth business operations and excellent customer service. We ensure that our clients find new opportunities to excel and grow into leading businesses of the market. As a leader of Direct to Consumer (D2C) Fulfillment and Delivery, we provide greater than 98% on-time delivery, and 99% CSAT score with round the clock customer support. All our warehouses including the Warehouse in Dallas , are Powered by our Industry Leading and Proprietary Technology P

XPDEL : Growth Today

The United States is where much of the action and the new technology takes place and where everything grows so quickly, it is only natural for companies that can keep up to it and provide stability can sustain. Having fulfillment centers in Dallas and at 11 other major metro cities, Xpdel has become a pioneer in the age of revolution. While the world is out here getting digitized, Xpdel is making sure that those digitized dreams are being implemented too. Having nationwide coverage with a promise in the delivery of 2-days, Xpdel is working towards enabling growth for each and everyone with the freedom of getting the product to the customer. While it dominated the fulfillment and delivery industry, it still feels it has a long way to go and much more to achieve.   The warehouse in New York is another example that they have managed to keep up with the trend. In a place where there is the constant hustle of people and chaos, Xpdel has successfully managed in owning and managing these

How fulfillment centers are helping in an optimized warehouse management system?

  Fulfillment centers are different from conventional distribution centers. The former is used extensively by e-commerce companies to help them fulfill orders for their end customers; while the latter is meant for distribution to retail centers. For small-scale businesses, the growth of fulfillment centers has helped them save their operational costs, mostly logistics. One of the core areas is the  warehouse management system . How? Stock out, mispicks, misships, and damaged products are four issues that constantly bother online sellers, causing them to lose clients and brand value. All of these are related to mismanagement of inventory, shipping, and deliveries. The good thing is that with the help of outsourced fulfillment centers, e-commerce merchants can overcome all of these issues. There are typically two ways of working here – one, the online merchant receives items from the manufacturer, reviews them, and sends them to the fulfillment center; and second, the items are directl