What are some of the exceptional services provided by third-party logistics companies in the USA?

Ecommerce sellers who are new to the world of online buying and selling are unaware of the roles carried out by fulfilment centers. It’s important for eCommerce business owners to understand the meaning of fulfilment centers, the roles carried out by them, and the benefits of hiring them.

A fulfilment service is fulfilled by a third-party logistics or 3PL provider or even a third party. Here, an eCommerce seller will outsource their responsibilities to a third party logistics provider. 


Once the service is outsourced to a 3PL service provider, the service provider will start to process the orders immediately. Whenever an order is placed via an eCommerce retailer’s online website, it is forwarded to the service provider. 


Next, the experts working in these centers will be responsible for carrying out activities like inventory management, storage, warehouse, packaging, and shipping. It helps eCommerce retailers to hand off major tasks to a third party.


As a result, retailers can focus on major business tasks related to marketing, product selection, increasing traffic to their website, and so on. 


While the terms warehouse center and fulfilment center are used interchangeably- the functions of the two facilities can differ from each other completely. A warehouse’s function is limited to inventory storage- however, the services of a fulfilment center are versatile. 


What are the functions of a fulfilment center?


Third party logistics companies in the USA are known for handling a number of duties:

  • Receiving inventory from the seller
  • Creating pick lists. Picking up products and inventory from storage facilities when orders are placed and received
  • Assembling necessary kits and items
  • Packing boxes
  • Labelling shipments
  • Shipping orders
  • Handling product returns

While the service cost of a 3pl service provider in USA can seem a bit expensive initially, it can yield lucrative outcomes and help eCommerce sellers to save their time, efforts, and money in the long run.

Four inventory management techniques implemented by the top fulfillment centers in India

Inventory management is a term that you will often come across in the spectrum of eCommerce. 3rd party logistics companies and order fulfillment agencies across the globe place special attention on the different inventory management techniques that help your company to deliver the ordered items on time at the correct addresses. Managing the inventory essentially deals with how much of the stock needs to be refilled and how well they are packed and shipped. The top fulfillment centers in India take the help of numerous formulas to analyze the requirements and come up with as accurate results as possible. Read on to find out which inventory management technique would work the best for you. 

What are the different inventory management techniques that the best 3PL solutions in India apply?

There are several different methods and ways of handling inventory. Before you take the plunge and decide on which fulfillment company you are going to hire, understanding which technique works the best for you is important from the client’s point of view.

ABC Analysis technique: This method starts by recognizing which items are the most popular and which aren’t. This leads to better restocking and availability of the products.

Batch Tracking
: This technique is applied to keep track of the expiry dates of the items in the storage. It groups those products that are defective and/or are not fit for delivery to manage the inventory.

Bulk shipping:
Manufacturers send their finished goods to the 3PL solutions and order fulfillment centers for storage, order picking, and shipments. In certain cases, the logistics unit keeps the packed materials as it is and ships them in bulk without unpacking. 

Cross Docking
: Cross docking is a method where the need for warehousing and storage is completely scratched off. By implementing this method, the items are moved from the supply truck to the delivery vehicle directly, without storing them in a unit before the shipping. 

Services on the hire by 3PL solutions for successful order fulfillment:

A very important and intrinsic part of any kind of eCommerce chain is the storage, warehousing, and shipping of the ordered items. When a company starts on its venture, it is seen that once the business picks up, there is a lack of storage units where the manufactured items can be kept before shipping. 3PL solutions are the help that you need when you find yourself in such a situation. The main role of a 3rd party logistics service is to store the inventory for their clients. From order pick up to packing to finally shipping them off to their respective buyers, order fulfillment services do it all. If you are new in the sector, read on to understand how a 3PL company works.

3PL solutions

What are the services that a third-party logistics agency offers?

A Logistics fulfillment company does everything vital for successfully ‘fulfilling’ or completing an order. Starting from the acquisition of the goods to be stored, carefully storing them so that no damage is done, picking and packing the orders, and up until they are delivered — these agencies provide complete aid in all aspects. The primary services left at your disposal by these agencies include the following.

Warehousing and inventory management: Warehousing and inventory management refer to how the items that will go out for delivery are managed. Storing and correctly selecting orders are extremely vital for delivering the correct order.

Picking and packing: Picking up the orders from the 3PL fulfillment centers is a tough job as even the slightest of mistakes could mean a loss for the company. Similarly, if the items are not packed properly the chances of damage increase leading to similar results.

Shipping and returns:
Just as the delivery process is essential to order fulfillment, receiving and returning the orders are also of equal significance. 3rd party order fulfillment agencies make sure that your customers are satisfied with both of their services.

How can you differentiate between fulfillment companies and 3rd party logistics services?

In the era of digitization where even shopping of all sorts occurs on the internet, the successful delivery of an ordered item to the customer plays a huge role in either making a brand or in breaking it. Ecommerce fulfillment companies and 3rd party logistics companies can be the seller's best friends in such situations. Though the two terms — fulfillment services and 3PL or third-party logistics might seem similar, actually there is quite the difference. That being the case, their perfunctory functions and basic utilities are quite similar in nature. If you are interested in selling your products on the internet, read on to find out the differences between the two.

Ecommerce fulfillment companies

What are the main points on which eCommerce fulfillment services and 3rd party logistics companies can be distinguished?

Though fundamentally similar, the cost incurred, the dynamicity, and the role of the services can be clearly distinct. There are several points of difference between them and it is suggested that before you make a choice, you understand what sort of services you ultimately need.

The nature of services: Order fulfillment centers in India as well as across the world, make delivering the right order at the correct address their sole priority, and therefore they take care of all the necessities to do the same. 3rd party logistics are more about providing the additional help required by providing logistical aid like storage space, warehousing, and even transportation.

The Cost Incurred: 3PLs and fulfillment centers both require a substantial amount of investment at first and both are quite cost-effective in the long run. That being said, 3PLs are seen to be a little more pocket-friendly than full-time fulfillment services. This is probably due to the nature of the facilities offered by them to their clients.

The extent of their services: A fulfillment center can easily provoke the benefits of a 3rd party logistics unit. However, the 3PLs cannot offer all the services similar to the order fulfillment services as their extent is more localized and less widespread than the latter. 

What are the advantages of reaching out to Shopify fulfilment centre?

Whether you are wondering what is a fulfilment center or what are the roles played by a fulfilment centre, you’ve stumbled on the right page. A fulfilment centre or a third-party logistics provider helps eCommerce retailers to carry out the order processing tasks whenever an order is placed via an eCommerce retailer’s official website. 

These centres or 3PL service providers are known to carry out tasks such as inventory management, shipping, warehousing, and so on to complete a customer’s order. Usually, the shopify fulfilment centre offers several benefits to eCommerce retailers.

shopify fulfilment

The team of professionals working in a fulfilment centre are known to complete the majority of the steps involved in processing consumer orders. The eCommerce sellers no longer have to worry about completing the above-mentioned steps. 

Ecommerce retailers will get an opportunity to handle other day-to-day business tasks such as launching marketing campaigns, advertising, selecting products, generating leads to their website, and so on. These services are meant fulfillment for online stores

When working in collaboration with a fulfilment centre, online vendors can rest assured. The operations of a fulfilment centre are carried out in a systematic and functional manner. Thus, eCommerce retailers won’t have to worry about the ineffectiveness of sales processes. 

How does a fulfilment centre operate?

Both large-sized and small-sized e-commerce companies can outsource their fulfilment tasks to a third-party logistics provider. It ensures consumer satisfaction and additional revenue for the e-commerce retailers in the long run.

Once the contract is signed between the online vendor and a fulfilment centre, an e-commerce supplier will endorse the items to the 3PL logistics provider. It helps the e-commerce retailer to cut down warehouse costs, time, efforts, and resources. 

The inventory lies in the warehouse of the fulfilment centre. It will be packaged and delivered to the doorstep of the consumers after processing. One of the most important services provided by a fulfilment centre is inventory management. Enquire more about their services by reaching out to e-commerce fulfillment services providers. 

What are the different kinds of responsibilities handle by fulfillment companies?

Before we delve into the roles of a fulfilment centre, let’s learn about the meaning of the term ‘fulfilment’. The task of fulfilment involves a third party logistics provider or a third party who is responsible for fulfilling the orders of consumers that are placed online- it is usually fulfilled on behalf of an online vendor.

It can include different tasks like shipping, management, inventory, warehousing, and so on. These tasks are carried out inside a fulfilment centre and the fulfilment services can be helpful due to several reasons.

third party logistics provider

As a result, it can reduce the burden on eCommerce sellers. As a result, eCommerce sellers can focus on more important business tasks like marketing, product selection, lead generation, and so on.

An eCommerce company can outsource their tasks to a fulfilment company. When collaborating with a 3PL service provider, an eCommerce seller can ship their products to them. Next, the fulfilment centre will be responsible for storing inventories and goods inside their warehouse.

The task of a fulfillment center will kickstart once a consumer has placed an order via your online website. A fulfillment center has the capacity and space to store goods and inventory of the ecommerce seller in its warehouse.

They have the resources and staff required for packaging the orders and shipping them after processing. One of the most important functions of a fulfilment center is to offer inventory management services.

However, the services provided by fulfillment companies are distinct from each other- reach out to a fulfiment center to find out about their curated services, terms of contract, and pricing policies.

Once an order is received via the website of an ecommerce retailer, the order is forwarded to a fulfilment center immediately and automatically. A fulfilment center will load off goods from their shelves, carry out the packaging process of inventories. Next, the processed processed are shipped to the consumer at a particular address.

2 Setbacks Related to Inventory Management That Fulfilment Centers in India Might Face

Terms like warehousing and inventory are very typical in business, especially now where maximum products are bought over the internet. Though manufactured products are kept stored in the storage units, when an order is made, picking up the same from a bulk of other different items is a tough and tiring job. Naturally, outsourcing and storing a certain quantity of the items at a different location ready for pick up, packing and delivery not only saves space but also time and energy.

This is where ecommerce fulfillment services India come into play. These agencies do everything required to successfully deliver the order to the customer’s location.  Micro fulfillment centers in India are smaller units with a more selected client base performing similar operations at a smaller scale. Inventory management is one of these agencies' top priorities. However, there can be stumbling blocks when it comes to inventory management and they can be sudden.


What are two of the inventory management issues that eCommerce fulfillment and logistics services have to face?

When you start a company designed for online trade, you must be aware of the issues that your
3pl service providers in India might have to face.

Read on to understand more about this aspect of the order fulfillment process.

The number one issue that many fulfillment companies have to face is the issue of overselling. This issue occurs particularly in the case of products and items that reach the epitome of popularity. A tremendous rise in demand can cause a gaping hole in the supply. With the said item out of stock, the chances of negative reviews increase which can adversely affect sales.

Unforeseen delays: Though almost every brand market its products by claiming to have punctual deliveries without any hassle, there can be certain unforeseen delays that might cause minor issues. Unwanted damage to the products during picking and packing, or a product going out of stock right after the order confirmation can detain the delivery.

Why should you reach out to fulfilment companies as an eCommerce retailer?

A third-party logistics service provider or a 3PL company works on behalf of eCommerce businesses to fulfil the steps involved in shipping and logistics procedures.

With the advent of eCommerce trends, several consumers prefer to buy their goods online, from the comfort of their homes- right from books, groceries, cosmetics, and shoes, to almost everything.


Consumers can receive everything at their doorstep with the help of online shipping services all over the world. However, eCommerce sellers often face major difficulties in carrying out complex procedures involved in online selling. For example, an eCommerce seller has to stay alert from the very beginning.

He/she is responsible for receiving orders, picking up the goods off their warehouse shelves, packaging the products, initiating payments, and shipping the products. However, their roles don’t end here- they’ll also be responsible for processing product returns or reducing the rate of returns. Reach out to top fulfilment companies today.


It’s highly recommendable for eCommerce retailers to reach out to one of the best fulfilment companies out there. A reliable and renowned fulfilment company will take some of the above-mentioned tasks off the plate of an eCommerce retailer.


Due to the presence of warehousing and fulfillment USA centres services in the USA, companies will no longer have to pay for extra storage space.

A 3PL service provider or logistics provider will help you to process the online orders on time with accuracy. Upon handing off your services to a 3PL company, an eCommerce retailer can rest assured- as the majority of the tasks will be handled by the service provider himself.

For example, a fulfilment centre employs a team of experts who have the knowledge and expertise to carry out tasks such as storage, distribution, fulfilment, shipment, and so on. These tasks form an important part of all online sales. Check out the role of a fulfillment center in usa.

3 Reasons Why Implementing Blockchain In ECommerce Fulfillment Centers Is A Great Idea:

In today’s age and era, online networking is the way to go. The idea of blockchain is closely linked to the ecommerce fulfillment services india. Almost every well-established brand implements blockchains for better performance when it comes to expanding their business on the world wide web. The entire process of order fulfillment depends on how efficient the supply chain networks, the logistical arrangement, and the 3PL service providers in India can relay the information.  Blockchain is the platform to easily communicate, interact with fellow colleagues and share data that is accessible to all. The role that blockchains play in the present-day eCommerce scene is huge. Read on to find out how blockchains have come to affect the micro fulfillment centers in India along with the third-party logistics services.

ecommerce fulfillment services india

The Effect of Blockchains on Fulfillment Centers:

They are a bunch of reasons why implementing blockchains can be of huge help to your fulfillment centers and logistics unit. Apart from the transparency of the process where all the necessary information is made available to every individual connected to the job, speedy delivery, easy teaching, and safer payments are the three most important reasons why blockchains are your best friend in this context.

Speedy Deliveries: Since blockchain is basically a digital podium, the chances of errors are reduced. Manual systems might seem redundant and take up more time and energy. Blockchains ensure that the right order is dispatched to the correct address and the delivery is completed within the stipulated time. And there is no room for mistakes!

Tracking: Real-time information is the key to the smooth functioning of any supply chain. Blockchains allow you to track every minute detail of the entire order fulfillment process. This helps in further planning and optimization of the other aspects related to the systems.

Payments: Since most prefer online payment options, manually keeping a record of all the monetary transactions is quite the chore. Blockchains not only make making payments easy for the customers but also takes care of refunding and such. 

Three Reasons Why Order Fulfillment Services Can Give Your Company the Push It Needs

Logistics are a very important part of any e-commerce transaction. The customer selects the item to be purchased and places the order which then gets relayed to the parent company responsible for the selling of the item in question. A lot of technicalities and planning go into the proceedings succeeding this very first stage of the order. Order fulfillment services not only make the whole buying process smoother but also benefits your company in several other aspects. Their main goal is to ensure that the entire transaction goes down without a glitch. However, these logistics fulfillment company do a lot more than simply deliver the order at the customer’s doorstep. There are several added benefits of taking the help of logistics and order fulfillment services by some of the most reputed names in the field.

Order fulfillment services

What are the perks of taking the help of 3PL solutions?

Third-party logistics or 3rd PL solutions are basically agencies or parties that are not directly a part of the main production house but are organizations that work in close contact with the said brands to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Since remote locations, storage and warehousing are integral to e-commerce, these fulfillment agencies take care of aspects like shipping, delivery, and return that is the proper ‘fulfillment’ of the order placed online, and their advantages are many.

Business Growth: Owing to the team of experts taking care of the secondary issues, it leaves a lot of time and space for the main team of employees to focus on more pertinent matters and plan for business expansion, growth, and development.

Optimized Inventory: By striking a balance between the constant demand and corresponding supply, these logistics fulfillment centers make sure that your cost and expenditure are optimized. This means that strict control is maintained over the raw materials and the production process so that no resource is wasted or left unused.

Analytical Aide: In the era of digitization, fulfillment companies use the best analytical tools to determine the exact help or push your brand needs for achieving the best results.

Things to know about 3PL companies in the USA

A third party logistics provider or commonly known as a fulfilment centre can cater to almost all types of eCommerce business owners regardless of their size or nature of the operation. Whether you’re a small size eCommerce retailer or a large size e-commerce retailer, you can find a fulfilment centre that can offer personalized services to you.

When you decide to hand off your responsibilities to a 3PL service provider, you can rest assured. You can save time, money, or the efforts required to carry out tasks like warehousing, shipping, picking up, and packaging products.

third party logistics provider

It helps your business to earn a lucrative sum of money in the long run. Working in collaboration with 3PL companies in the USA allows businesses to store their products safely in a 3PL warehouse. Online vendors will no longer have to headhunt for additional warehouse space.

The products can be picked up from the warehouse of a fulfilment centre by an expert as and when required. It accelerates the time required for products to be shipped to the consumers. This can ensure your buyers are happy and satisfied. 3PL companies in the USA can make the shipping and packing processes hassle-free and stress-free.

A fulfilment distribution centre can take care of shipping and packaging tasks. You’ll not have to worry about paying a la carte delivery costs. When consumer orders are processed by 3pl companies in the US, online business owners can save a significant amount of time.

It will allow businesses to work towards the establishment of their business goodwill and attract new consumers. Businesses can focus on other important tasks like advertising and marketing. They can use strategies like email marketing to help the existing consumers to visit their portal again.

So, it’s time to delegate your duties to one of the best 3PL companies in the USA.

Focus on other important tasks like industry news, new product purchases, marketing duties, and much more.

Role of a fulfilment center

Retail online store owners often tend to take care of the shipping and fulfilment processes on their own. Many new e-commerce store owners assume carrying out orders shipping or fulfilment tasks can be time-saving.

However, with the expansion of the consumer base, sellers find it difficult to wear many hats- for example, marketing tasks, consumer support services, and order fulfilment tasks can seem overwhelming with the passage of time.

fulfillment center in usa

Here, the role of a fulfilment centre comes into the picture. However, the task of selecting the best fulfilment company is tricky. Due to the presence of numerous fulfillment center in USA available out there, often new eCommerce shop owners find it difficult to choose a reliable company.

Commonly known as a third-party logistic provider, one of the major roles of a fulfilment company is to offer warehouse services. Most importantly, they are known to ship, package, and prepare consumer orders on behalf of an eCommerce business owner.

These services can cater to businesses that don’t have the necessary resources or employees to carry out shipping processes independently. Ecommerce business owners will no longer have to worry about limited warehouse capacity.

What are the advantages of reaching out to a fulfilment warehouse USA?

It helps e-commerce businesses to cut down operational costs regardless of the size and nature of the operation. For example, you won’t have to worry about investing a large sum of money towards warehouse rent during the off-season.

Several fulfilment centers handle consumer returns- it is a part of their fundamental services. What’s more- reach out to a fulfillment center to reap the benefits of picking, shipping and packing services.

The role of a fulfilment center begins immediately after an order is placed by the customer. Next, the orders are picked by the experts working in a fulfilment company. The goods are shipped to the packing facility. Here, the goods ordered are packed inside sealed boxes and supported against order receipts, gift receipts, or return labels.

How the right 3PL Partner can help your company grow

More than a transactional relationship, the collaboration of businesses & 3PL service providers is a partnership to cater to customers with perfection.

Most times, eCommerce retailers consider Third Party Logistics partners as their strategic consulting partners taking care of end-to-end order fulfillment and warehouse services. Though this perception is valid on its own, yet an experienced 3PL partner can be much more than that. A professionally competent 3PL partner with years of significant industry experience can help your business grow, especially during the current excruciating situation of a global pandemic that forced many companies to close shops.

A proficient 3PL strategic partner and advisor provides the industry know-how to organize and streamline your business operations to withstand any challenge and grow. An efficient 3PL brings to the table advanced and innovative technology coupled with predictive analytics that enables to overcome the roadblocks to the path of growth.

Third Party Logistics

In many cases, it is observed that business growth faces challenges of supply chain limitations where the different aspects of logistics operate in silos. An expert 3PL partner always strives to see the “big picture” and help you relate the competency of logistics and transportation operations with the holistic growth of your business.

Following are the three significant ways in which your 3PL advisor and partner can help you grow:

Technological empowerment – Digitally advanced technology helps in smooth operations and can potentially become crucial for growth by attaining a higher level of efficiency and top-notch customer service. It has been widely accepted by experts that customer retention plays a more critical role in the growth of a business than acquiring new customers.

3PL firms provide you the access to their proprietary customized applications that can integrate well with your system and makes it stronger. It aims to provide better tracking and visibility to the entire operations and fulfillment system so you can get a quick update on any issue and resolve it immediately.

Streamlined process through automation – If you want to grow your business, you must implement an efficient and effective approach across all levels of operations. Every business needs well-organized methods and systems in place to keep costs under control and achieve customer delight. Your 3PL partner knows every aspect of your industry and can help you improve or implement a fool-proof process to tighten business operations.

An expert 3PL that was operating in the industry for a long time is usually empowered with experts to analyze processes and provide guidance on the required potential changes within the organization to improve productivity, efficiency, and cut down costs.

Audit operations – An efficient and experienced 3PL partner with thorough industry knowledge offers to run supply chain audits to help you plan and strategize operations to steer you to the path of growth. These audits are done periodically by industry experts within the 3PL team who have the significant industry insight to know precisely where change is required, which processes to be tightened, and where to cut down on costs. They aim to achieve an automated operation that runs like a well-oiled machine and yields better returns leading to growth.

Expert 3PL partners have excellent knowledge of the complete supply chain process, which exceeds the essential functions such as the pick, pack, inventory, warehouse, and ship. They share their expertise and valuable insights into your industry to give you a competitive edge. Once they review or audit your current operations, they will be able to advise on where exactly you are going wrong vis-à-vis the major players of your industry.

Your 3PL partner will guide you in the following areas which might have been hindering your growth –

  • How to control your overhead costs when you are expanding your business
  • Initial investments that are more crucial for growth such as new tools, technologies, equipment, physical facilities, or manpower
  • Attain more flexibility in scaling your business in terms of space, labor, and transportation during peak demand season
  • Advice and help you achieve high-quality customer service. Most businesses report a drastic improvement in the customer experience provided after partnering with an efficient 3PL provider

So, if you are working towards growing or expanding your business, the best professional decision to make it happen and succeed in your effort is to hire an efficient 3PL provider who is a long-term player in the industry.

While going through the selection process, ensure that they are a technology-powered operator with proprietary advanced software systems to provide data analytics at its best. Apart from technology, the most critical factor is the human factor. Make sure that your 3PL partner is operated by industry veterans with significant experience working with some eCommerce and retail giants.

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Services That Make Hiring Ecommerce Fulfillment Companies and Third Part Logistic Agencies Absolutely Worth It:

The role that a fulfillment agency plays in the present-day eCommerce is crucial to the smooth completion of the process. Ecommerce fulfillment companies bridge the gap where the main manufacturing company falls short. Aspects like the shipping of the gods, inventory optimization and a huge reduction in the overall costs are some of the key responsibilities of the 3rd party logistics companies. There are a number of different companies that [provide such 3PLs and fulfillment services. That being said there are some specific services that any reputed fulfillment center is bound to provide. If you are wondering what facilities you could benefit from that these 3rd part logistics units deliver read on to find out. 

Ecommerce fulfillment companies

Services On the Hire from The Fulfillment Logistics Companies:

Order fulfillment centers in India typically contribute to some particular factors related to the entire purchase. Their role comes in generally from the storing and warehouse stage of the finished product. Some of the basic services you could avail of from these agencies are noted below.

  • Network Design: At the end of the day the network or the routes that are used for shipping and transportation play a vital part in the costs incurred. Any good e-commerce fulfillment company ensures that the network designed by them is done by keeping the locations as well as the costs as their priorities to minimize the overall expenditure. 
  • Lower Shipping Cost: The shipping cost pulls a major section of the overall capital. Most third-party logistics units take up measures so the shipping is completed taking all the safety precautions so that no damage is done to the goods and at a minimized rate.
  • Return Policy: The work of the fulfillment logistics companies do not end after delivering the product. They must also include a safe return policy where if the customer is not satisfied, the purchased product gets returned to exactly where you as the manufacturer want it to reach. 

How Logistics Fulfillment Companies Can Help You as A customer:

Logistics fulfillment company play a very important role in the whole supply chain and the other aspects related closely to e-commerce at present. Logistics refers to all the proceedings that are linked with the transportation of the raw materials along with the finished goods and their storage, warehousing, shipping and even return. The seller cannot be present in every corner of the world where their products are being sold. That is why a bulk of the main work falls on these fulfillment logistics company as it becomes their responsibility to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the service. 

Logistics fulfillment company

What makes Logistics and Fulfillment Services Beneficial for the Customers?

The answer is simple. Fulfillment centers in India provide a variety of different services that makes the entire buying and selling a lot simpler from the get-go. These agencies are like an added help with their own team of professionals and experts who focus solely on the logistical aspect of the job. This leaves your main team to concentrate on the more relevant issues. Some of the most important services that make fulfilment center India so popular are as follows:

  • Choice of Delivery: Whether you need the order to be delivered today, tomorrow, or on a scheduled time is made possible by these service providers.
  • Ease of Return: In many cases, the customer would want to return the order due to various reasons. Most of the big names in this industry make it a point to pick up the item to be returned from the doorstep of the buyer themselves making it a lot easier for the customer. Ensuring A speedy and simple return process is an integral part of the fulfillment center’s job.
  • Order Tracking: You as the client can easily track your order and see the exact stage your order is at. This is an added advantage as when the customer knows all the tiny nitty-gritty of their order generation, it makes them feel relieved. 

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