Choosing a fulfillment center in Chicago – When and Why?

Fulfillment centers or third-party logistic providers (3PL) need to be critically analyzed on different parameters. While you need to consider the pricing and the integration factors, the most important factor that one needs to consider is the location.

The latter factor is one of the most critical factors to consider. The service provider's location can impact the shipping cost and, therefore, a great factor that addresses the scalability factor for e-commerce businesses.

When and why to choose fulfillment centers in Chicago?

One of the important reasons to pick a 3PL company in Chicago your customers are located in and around Chicago. It comes to an understanding of the shipping zones of your customer base. Primarily shipping costs are calculated by carriers based on the shipping zones. The zones are computed on the geographical locations based on the distance that the packaging travels to the final destination.

So, the lesser the distance that the package covers, the faster it reaches the customers. Also, it means lower shipping costs. If the fulfillment center in Chicago is far from your customers, then the shipping costs will be proportionately higher, and it will take more time to reach out to the customer. 

The reasons for picking a reliable 3PL Company for order fulfillment services in Chicago are

-        The expertise to support your business requirements.

-        A partner that will work in alignment with your business goals and facilaitate it in growing it.

-        You save costs, not only shipping costs, because of the location of the 3PL service provider.

-        You also save costs because you do not need to appoint full-time experts or invest in technology, thereby, helping save costs and earn better returns.

-        With a fulfillment centre as your warehousing and logistics partner, you can tide over seasonal drops or bad times when the sales go down or fluctuate.


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