3 Services Offered by The Best Order Fulfillment Centers in India

 With the surge in the number of online shoppers in India, the necessity for ecommerce fulfillment companies has also risen. 3rd Party logistics companies take complete care of the orders placed by the customers on your business’s eCommerce web page so that you can focus on the more pressing issues at hand. India's best order fulfillment centers offer certain services that make them irreplaceable in the current eCommerce scene. 

Order Picking and Packing: Once the manufactured goods are put inside the storage unit, the next big task is correctly managing the order picking and packing. You do not want your customers to pay for something they did not purchase. At the order fulfillment centers in India, experienced employees carefully pick the ordered item from the warehouse and pack them such that no damage is done to the product. This is highly crucial for maintaining a happy and content customer base. 

Shipping methods: You will notice that the shipping charges vary from one eCommerce site to the next. Similarly, when you place a bulk order, the shipping is often free, while for individual orders, you might even have to pay up to rupees 100 for the shipping separately. The 3rd party logistics companies do intensive research to decide on the best shipping methods. This way, the manufacturing brand can lower their expenses and charge as little as possible from their customers for the proper delivery of the purchased goods. The time taken for the order completion also depends on the shipping mode. To avoid unnecessary delays selecting the best shipping alternative is one of the top priorities of eCommerce fulfillment companies. 

order fulfillment centers in India

Easy Return: most of the top order fulfillment companies are responsible for the easy return of the order. They pick up the order from the buyer’s doorstep almost as soon as the return, or the cancellation has been registered and deliver it to the warehouse without any delays or glitches in the process. 


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