Fundamental Services Offered by The Top 3pl Solutions in India

Order fulfillment services take up the bulk of the work in completing an order made by the customers. From warehousing to transportation and billing of the orders, the responsibility lies primarily on the logistics fulfillment companies.

Some of the most important order fulfillment services include:

Warehousing And Storage: You cannot store the manufactured products at the manufacturing units and factories. Usually, you need proper storing space that ensures that the finished products do not get damaged or destroyed. And the company producing the goods does not have the capacity to store every single product in their offices. Warehousing is one of the essential order fulfillment services that the best 3PL solutions can offer their clients. Warehouse management is another facility where the inventory and order pick and pack are skillfully managed by the expert employees of the logistics fulfillment companies. 

Inventory Management: Inventory management initially took up a lot of time and manual labor. With the advancement of technology, today, the 3PL solutions implement inventory management software that reduces the cost incurred and requires less workforce. Without proper inventory management, there will be unnecessary delays in order completion, and the total expense can go way over the budget. You need to stock your inventory as per the demands and maintain a proper demand-to-supply balance for the benefit of your company. The order fulfillment services ensure that your inventory and invoice are properly maintained and managed professionally with as little error as possible. 

3PL solutions

Shipping and Receiving: Once the order has been shipped, it must reach the customers within the stipulated time and in proper condition. The top logistics fulfillment company ensure the delivery is completed on time and also handle the return of the order if the need arises. Besides, it is a part of their job to come up with the best shipping options and contribute to the profits made by your company. 


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